My June Intentions

Can you believe that it’s June, already?! The second-half of 2019 is here, and I’m starting it off by putting my intentions into the universe. My aim with sharing my monthly intentions is to inspire other people to: self-reflect, create and set their own intentions (if they haven’t done it). Last month presented me with changes, and it compelled me to re-focus, embrace and be more honest with myself about how I feel. This month is about moving forward with a more resilient energy and improved way of doing things in my life.

My June Intentions are:

  1. Practice consistency - Regularly, I want to write and share blog posts on a weekly basis. Once a week is my goal. I believe this will allow me to strengthen my writing skills, learn more about blogging and keep my creativity flowing.

  2. Be more present - I want to be fully focused on and involved in the things happening around me. One way that I’m going to do this is by detaching from my phone. If I’m out-and-about and having a good time, then I’ll take pictures and record videos to capture the moments. But, when I’m around other people and we’re having a conversation, then my phone is going to be out of sight, out of mind. I want to be an even greater listener and give people the attention that they deserve.

  3. Enjoy my own company - The end of April and the entire month of May helped me realize that I need to show myself more attention, care and love. The best way for me to do this is to spend more time doing enjoyable things, like: taking yoga and meditation classes, going to the movies, indulging in a spa day, treating myself to a manicure or pedicure, writing in my journal, and more. No matter how small or big, I need to get more into myself and do all the things that make me feel good.

  4. Stop over-explaining - When people don’t understand my feelings or thoughts, I’m good at communicating and making things clear for them. However, I’ve found myself in situations where I explain things to others at great lengths with too many details - one, too many times. Going forward, I’m putting a cap on over-explaining, understanding that I have to let people be who they are, and from there, move around accordingly.

What are your June intentions? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment, below!