Beauty Review + Luxury for Less: Equate Beauty Rose Quartz Roller

In my previous post, Two People Who Influenced My Personal Style and Values, I talked about how my grandmother and my mother influenced my personal style, as well as my shopping habits.

Since I always appreciate affordable fashion and beauty finds, I’m super excited to share my very first beauty review and luxury for less post! I’m not writing this post to bash anyone’s shopping habits that are different from mine or to say that you shouldn’t indulge in higher priced items. I’m sharing this information with you because - let’s face it: buying these types of items can rack up a bill. And, who wouldn’t want to find a great alternative that'll do the same job and keep more money in their pockets?

I was inspired to buy this product after having a conversation with one of my close girl friends, Lauren, about skin care. I did my research on face rollers and had my eye on a Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Herbivore, ($40). Unexpectedly, during a random, Walmart shopping trip, I found a very similar face roller for just $10!


WHAT IS IT: The Rose Quartz Roller is a beauty tool specifically designed for the face to massage the lymphatic system. By using the roller to massage your face, you are relaxing and de-stressing muscles as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. In addition, the rose quartz roller can help with improving elasticity of the skin and help products absorb better to your skin. By many people, it is believed that this beautiful, rose quartz stone - a healing stone, corresponds to the heart chakra - the energy center of love. Therefore, it is beneficial to your inner and outer beauty.

HOW TO USE IT: You can use the rose quartz roller one of two ways - either, towards the end of your daily skin care routine or to apply a face mask (in my opinion, sheet masks work best with a face roller).

If you are using the roller towards the end of your daily skin care routine: First, cleanse your skin with a facial wash and toner of your choice. Next, lightly pat your face dry. While your skin is still somewhat moist, apply a few drops of your favorite facial oil or serum, and pat it onto your skin. Then, grab your roller and begin to roll the tool in an upward motion all over your face. The tool has two different sized rollers. The larger roller is designed to massage the majority of your face such as your forehead and cheeks. The smaller roller is designed for areas such as your eyes, nose , mouth and chin. The facial oil or serum that you use will help the roller smoothly glide over your skin.

If you are using the roller to apply a face mask: First, cleanse your skin with a facial wash and toner of your choice. Next, apply your face mask. Once you have your mask where you want it, then use your roller in an upward motion to help your mask stick to your face and for the product to absorb to your skin. After you follow the directions from your face mask and remove it, again, you use the roller to rub in any excess product.

* One thing that I always do before using my roller is place it in the freezer for 7-10 minutes. I love the cooling sensation and relaxation it brings to my eyes after a long day.

DO I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT: Yes! I have not invested in the facial roller by Herbivore, but I’m almost certain that the only difference between these two products is the packaging. If you enjoy all things beauty and you’re really into taking care of your skin, then I suggest making a rose quartz (or, jade) roller a part of your daily skin care routine. I’ve been using this face roller for over a month, and I feel much more relaxed after my busy days and notice a big difference in how products absorb to my skin.

WHERE YOU CAN BUY IT: Equate Beauty Rose Quartz Roller (Walmart, in-store and online) - $10

What beauty tools do you enjoy that are a part of your daily skin care routine?