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Lifestyle: 6 Simple Ways to Indulge in Self-Care

Lifestyle: 6 Simple Ways to Indulge in Self-Care

Happy Hump Day! Let’s spring into self-care, shall we?

Over a year ago, I realized the importance of self-care. While working a sales position in the corporate world, I experienced a major burnout. Overtime, I became moody, mentally and physically exhausted, put less effort into my appearance, made no time for myself, and any time that I was free to socialize - I just wanted to sleep. Eventually, I made the decision to resign from that position and took my self-care seriously. There’s nothing wrong with being productive, working hard and producing results. But, your physical, mental and emotional health is more valuable. How can you be on your A-game when these three things aren’t aligned? Check out these six simple tips to indulge in self-care:

  1. Be active

I am not the poster child for fitness (haha)! but it’s a good feeling to get out of the house and move around. Engaging in some sort of fitness activity is a great way to take your mind off the world around you and channel your energy to something different. Here and there, I’ll hit the gym or go for a run to get in some cardio. But, within the last year, yoga has become my favorite way to be active. Believe it or not, yoga is a good way to center yourself, strengthen your balance and flexibility and break a sweat!

2. Surround yourself with good people

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a great circle of people in your corner. These people are your support system - it can be your family, close friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, a mentor, a therapist or a combination of all these people. Aside from my family, talking to my girlfriends always helps relieve some stress. Don’t hesitate to vent about that annoying co-worker (because we ALL have them), your relationship, how you’re feeling that day, or share your ideas and latest business venture. As a result, you can always count on your inner circle to be honest, give you a good laugh and uplift you.

3. Treat yourself

And, DON’T FEEL BAD FOR IT. When you are swamped with daily responsibilities, it’s easy to forget about yourself. The good thing about this self-care tip is that you can literally do anything to boost your mood - make an appointment to get your hair done, eat a food that’s your guilty pleasure or take yourself to a movie. The list goes on. My favorite way to treat myself is either: going to get my brows threaded or a nice manicure and pedicure. Sometimes, it feels good to take a load off and allow someone else to pamper you.

4. Try aromatherapy

This is one of my newfound ways to indulge in self-care. Invest in a diffuser and/or essential oils for different purposes! These oils can help with a number of things: clearing congestion, relaxing, staying focused, energizing, and more. At the moment, my favorite essential oil is lavender. I love running a few drops in my bath water as well as in my diffuser. It’s refreshing to watch the positive vibes spray into the air as you inhale natural scents.

5. Unplug from technology and social media

Sometimes, you have to shut out the extra noise. Give your eyes and brain a break. Having multiple accounts, checking your timelines and engaging can become overwhelming. Also, there may be times when you don’t want to interact or get caught up with certain social media energies. Take a couple of days to delete social media apps from your phone or log out of your accounts. Use the time that you’d be on social media to be more productive and clear your mind. I enjoy using social media and keeping up with my friends and family, but every now and then, I need to reset. Usually, I’ll deactivate my accounts so that I don’t get any notifications and I can hop back on whenever I’m ready.


This is another simple tip, but it seems difficult for many people to accept. In society, I feel like relaxing and sleeping has become frowned upon. It’s like the thing you don’t do because you won’t be successful as the next person. I believe that people should adjust their mindset a little bit. It’s all about creating balance - you can work hard and rest just as well. I am a huge advocate of relaxation and sleep - learn how to sneak in a nap, go to sleep a little earlier to get that 7-8 hours or take a day off to chill on the couch, eat some snacks and binge watch your favorite shows.

What ways do you like to unwind and show yourself some love?

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