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Lifestyle: My 10 Favorite Lines from Crushing It! by Gary Vee

Lifestyle: My 10 Favorite Lines from Crushing It! by Gary Vee

I’ve watched Gary Vee interviews and followed some of his social media activity, but, it wasn’t until I read ‘Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence - And How You Can, Too’ that I realized how influential he’s probably been to many people.

Reading books hasn’t really been one of my favorite things to do, but last fall, all of this changed for me. ‘Crushing It!’ was given to me to read after expressing an interest in using social media to build my personal brand. Overall, I really got into this book and enjoyed reading every word. I highlighted and took a ton of notes. Also, I followed and connected with a couple of the entrepreneurs and influencers that Gary Vee featured in his book.

‘Crushing It’ is one of the reasons why I decided to relaunch my personal website and jump back into blogging. If you are: building your personal brand, want a better understanding of how to use social media platforms, aspiring or currently working as an entrepreneur/influencer, then I highly recommend that you read this book!

Below are my ten favorite lines from ‘Crushing It!’:

  1. WHAT (STILL) MATTERS: Intent, Authenticity, Passion, Patience, Speed, Work and Attention.

  2. “Patience is for the long term; speed is for the short term. The pressure that builds between the two produces the diamond.”

  3. “Great content is a result of passion plus expertise.”

  4. “Please dig deep into what you know best or what you love most, or better yet, what you know best and love most, and start creating content.”

  5. “We can create anything we want to if we have the passion, the energy, the hustle and commitment to our vision.”

  6. “Let me define ‘discipline’: it’s backing up your ambitions with your actions.”

  7. “Personal relationships. I think a lot of people establish fake, one-way relationships - they just want to ask for something, or they want to do a collab and get a shout out. They don’t develop those real relationships and provide value and just give, give, give. If you do that, eventually you’ll get back, and that’s where the success comes.”

  8. “You have no reason to start acting like something special until you actually have something special to show for it. Even then, don’t act special; the moment you do, you’ll start moving in the opposite direction.”

  9. “If you’re not 100 percent happy with your life today, it is never a waste of time to try something that could get you there.”

  10. “Remember, you’re not trading in your day job for an easier life - there’s nothing easy about becoming an entrepreneur and influencer. You’re trading it in for a different life, one with more flexibility and fun.”

Which one of these ten lines from ‘Crushing It!’ spoke to you the most?

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