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HI, I’M Thaschara!

I’m 2010, my journey with blogging began during my first year as a communication major at the University of St. Francis. Since then, I’ve experimented with managing a few of my own blog sites, and I’ve launched websites for my past PR businesses - “Vandie B” and “TVPR.” Always, there’s been something about writing and sharing blog posts that make me happy. I’m 2018, I decided to launch Thaschara.com for a couple of reasons. First, I felt like it was time for my personal website to actually be personal. I had to recognize myself as an individual and not a publicist or social media manager. Also, I needed to create something enjoyable for myself outside of work.

All of my content is inspired by my lifestyle, my love for fashion and anything else that piques my interest. The best part about my personal, online space is that I control how I present myself and share information.

Through Thaschara.com, my goal is to inspire other people to explore and find their creative outlet. Often, we get so busy with working for other people to help them build their dreams that we neglect ours in the process.

Every day, I ask myself: “What can I do to live life on my own terms?” and “How can I make things better for the people around me?” Sure, I’ve experienced a few bumps in the road, but I’ve never let it deter me from working to fulfill my dreams. If anything, I’ve learned how to work even harder. I can’t predict what the universe has in store for me, but I won’t stop until the life that I desire comes to fruition.

Thank you for stopping by, read my blog, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you!